Be With Someone

Real love is all about actions and love is all you need.



"बार-बार आकर वो साहिल से टकराता था, बिखरता था, और फिर लौट जाता था. बड़ा शांत सा रहता था ऐसे तो वो, पर रह-रह कर कुछ बेचैन सा हो जाता था." ... "कुछ तो चल रहा होता था उसके अंदर, जो रूह तक वो उसे भिगोना चाहता था. इज़हारे-ए-मोहब्बत कर रहा हो मानो वो कुछ [...]

Universe & You

Universe has created everything in a planned way, as such that you can't imagine anything alone in its existence. If there is day so is night, if there is happiness so is sadness, and if there is prosperity so is adversity. You'll never understand the value of something in the absence of other. Everything is [...]