Does Social Media Bring Us Together Or Isolate Us?

Social media, undoubtedly one of the best things ever happened to human society, can actually be correlated with social networking. Social networking can be established with those whom we are in touch in our daily life be them our neighborhood, colleagues or friends whereas social media provides us the platform to do the same in the real-time while being far away from someone.

Needless to say, if internet has revolutionized the modern world, social media has served as a catalyst in it just for the better.

How Does Social Media Bring Us Together?

No doubt, before the internet there were mediums like letters and telephone to keep people stay connected with their loved ones. After internet, came email that helped them do the same. But what makes social media so important is its wide reach. After all, who doesn’t love to remain connected and in touch with their loved ones and friends all the time as and when needed, and that’s where social media is a boon. Further with social media you get connected with those whom you’ve never ever met in your lives. It gives you the liberty of expressing your views and sharing your thoughts with the world on a single platform.

How Does Social Media Isolate Us?

But as with everything, if goodness is not handled gently it does more harm than the good it can. Social media also comes with some disadvantages. Sounds strange huh! But sadly it’s true. There are research including those by Ethan Kross of the University of Michigan, which revealed that the more time you spend using social media, the more lonely and isolated you become over time. Spending too much time on social media has become an addiction nowadays and it is badly affecting our interpersonal and family relations.

Obviously, it’s good to take advantage of the technology but not on the stake of loosing valuable relations and personal and social well-being.  Social media is just a virtual world which lacks emotions and feelings, and one should remember that only those who are and have been with you so far can only fulfill that need.

So, next time when you use social media, keep in mind that it’s just the medium to stay connected rather than getting isolated.


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