All That Glitters Is Not Gold


As is the human nature, we are more fantasized by the appearance of what is before us. Reason, we believe it is real, but that’s not always true. This tendency or so-called perception of us sometimes leads us to unwanted troubles. So many times in our life, we easily get to believe on what soothes our eyes. Say, in some cases someone’s charm attracts us and even without completely knowing about them we create an image of them in our mind. And when we get face to face with the reality after spending sometime with them or by knowing about them from someone else, we have nothing to but regret our choice. The same goes with other things, be it any materialistic object or any life changing decision like choosing our career.

Be Attentive In Decision-Making


What we should always keep in mind that when it comes to making choices or decisions, we need to be attentive and ready to explore every detail and aspects of what we are going to make. No doubt people around us and information we get from different sources make a huge impact on our decision-making. We tend to build a career where the salary is high, we wish to marry someone who is pretty or we prefer to live somewhere which has all the luxuries and comfort. But the reality always has a different side.

Use Your Analytical Skills To Judge The Scenario


Going in all these without using the analytical skill of ourselves can make us repent later on and ultimately impact our life. As the phrase “all that glitters is not gold” says, we need to understand the fact that it is not the appearance but the attributes that particular choice possesses.

I must say that as a human being it is easy to believe on information that is presented to us visually. But we all have to learn the way we take things or people. Covering our thinking ability with someone’s thoughts prevents us from seeing the long-term effects of them on our present and the future as well.


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