It’s Time To Quit a Relationship When…

Everyone of us loves to be loved. But what if the person you love doesn’t reciprocate? And the problem arises when you’re unsure of the survival of relationship despite giving your 100 percent to it. Here are few hints to find out is it worth to continue it or quit…


  1. You’re the only one who has to answer everything, each and every time.
  2. You’re not allowed to ask questions or asking questions irritates them.
  3. You’re always told that you assume things in your head for speaking of your mind.
  4. Your every act or behavior is reciprocated with merely a “thanks.”
  5. You’re told that you’ve been wrong all the time and that it’s your entire fault.
  6. Your personal things spark no interest in them.
  7. You’re always there for them in times of need but miss the same when it comes to you.
  8. They never say they miss you.
  9. You’re blown off for expressing what you feel.
  10. You’ve to think thousand times before talking to them fearing they will mind it.
  11. There is no reciprocity from the other side.
  12. You’re the only one to look after them and ask them about their day.
  13. They often give you the feeling that they don’t care.
  14. They always shout on you or get irritated by you unnecessarily.
  15. They start ignoring you.
  16. They make it confusing where the relationship is being headed.
  17. They keep appreciating the other guy/girl for the qualities which you already possess.
  18. They don’t compliment or admire you anymore.
  19. They treat you according to their mood and need.
  20. Your absence doesn’t bother them any longer.

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