How People Ignore the Potential Relationships & Lose It for Worse?

Being in a relationship is one of the greatest feelings and you’re very fortunate if you’re in any such thing. So, don’t haste anything in a relationship; just give it a try, give it time.


Love is a sensation and a blessing with the wonderful power of changing someone into a whole different person and that too for the sake of good. After reaching a certain phase in our life we all develop the desire of falling in love with someone and start dreaming of building a life-long relationship with them. Being in relationship is something that allows us express our emotions more freely, makes us feel alive, and gives meaning to our own existence. It’s only when we start to live not only for ourselves but for someone else too.

Falling In Love

We all fall in love with someone at least once in our life. The “real love” is  so powerful that it strings every chord of our heart. However, several definitions or interpretations for love has been proposed by people over time. Some calling it a connection of two souls – a bond built on the foundation of mutual trust and respect, while others define it as a miracle of first sight.

Love is nothing but a pious feeling that lets us lose ourselves in the other thereby completing us.

Want for Love

Now, if we all know how powerful is love and what it can make us, why do most of us suffer from the pain of falling in love or not finding the true love? Why do we keep looking for that perfect person? And why do we go on making complaints about the absence of love in our life?

Truly speaking, this confusion takes its roots once we want to have what we like rather than having what could be right for us. First of all, love never gives pain, if it’s causing pain, then it’s not the love. Second, we should know that there’s no such thing as “perfect.” If we indulge ourselves in the search of finding perfection, we’ll never ever find it. And last but not the least, we should be wise enough to recognize the people who love us for being us, and only this way we can be as happy as we wish.

Potential Relationship

Now coming to the “potential relationship.” Any relationship that makes you feel happy, content and comfortable each and every day is worth to have.

They say “we don’t fall in love with those who’re just like us but with those who’ve qualities which we wish to had within ourselves.”

We get attracted to those who shows care for us, showers immense love upon us, and makes us feel better each and every time. Really? Is this all enough to fall in love with someone? Absolutely not, not for at least most of the people.

Ignorance of Potential Relationship

  1. Preferring Looks Over Nature: Naturally, we humans fall in love with the looks and appearance of a person rather than their nature or character. And in the worst case scenario it could even be the financial status of someone that fascinates someone to establish a love connection. This is the main reason behind failure of every potential relationship. Surprisingly, people who claim to fall in love with the person who is genuine and has a soft and gentle nature, in reality always keep themselves steps back when it comes to understand the true feelings or accept the love of the other for them, just because they lack in good looks or are not well off enough. Look around yourself, you’ll find a lot of people who have ever been in love with someone but despite doing all the good and being in touch with the one they loved for a long time, they ended up being single only because it wasn’t enough to win the heart of someone or the whom they were in love with has their own definition of love.

    Good Looks Fade But a Good Heart Will Be With You Forever.”

  2. Being Emotionally Unstable: Knowingly or unknowingly people don’t get themselves emotionally prepared for the love and the care they’re getting, while being unaware of the truth that it could be the one which they’re looking for and which can change their life forever. And isn’t it strange that people who’re good friends or colleagues, who spend a lot of time together and know each other very well like each other’s company, often hesitate to convert that connection into a potential relationship? Or, in most of the cases one doesn’t reciprocate in the manner the other does – where one of the companions does their best to provide support, care and affection to the other as and when needed. But due to some ambiguous reasons they choose to ignore them.
  3. Minding Little Things: Beauty of a relationship lies within few very important things like care, affection, love, attention, humor, and being happy all the time. Right to some extent, but how would you ever know that how strong is the bond between you and your partner or how much you love each other when it comes to dealing with little things that bother you like their anger, over-protectiveness, boredom, or unfavorable circumstances – when there’s no reason to be happy. Few people are not emotionally stable or sensible enough to understand how to maintain that divine bond in the meantime. In fact, having a little bit argument where no one crosses their limit, a little bit fight over issues that mean nothing, and a few difference of opinions act as catalyst for a healthy relationship. When one starts to think that this is something that can ruin their relationship or that they should quit the relationship, then they’re totally wrong on their part.

    Always keep in mind that having conflicts over minor issues doesn’t ruin a relationship rather counting on them ruins a relationship.

  4. Craving for the Dream Love: Everyone dreams of the fairy tale love, and you’ll be surprised to know that the “fairy tale love” do exists. But only when you’re open to love and ready to accept what life is offering you. Setting standards or having self-defined meaning of love restricts you from getting what you deserve. When you let go of assumptions and expectations of that dream kind love, you really get to get that. And once you do this, you’ll be surprised to see how beautiful things start to happen and your dream for love really starts coming true.

How People Lose It for Worse

Relationship is not just being together, it’s more than that. The very first thing we need is to understand that love doesn’t come in shapes and forms. As I said, it’s a sensation that can only be felt. All we’ve to just look at it in a way different from what we’ve been kept imagining. Relationship is just like an engine to which love is the fuel which is necessary to ride in the journey of life. Remember, life has ups and downs, and these are downs that test the strength of a relationship. These are the times when we need to be well supported, loved and cared emotionally.

When we ignore the love, care and affection someone showering on us without even caring that they’ll ever get the same, we put ourselves in a tricky position where only we’d be responsible for what will happen next to us.

Unfortunately people who devalue the love and care of someone for only being adhered to their self-defined meaning and self-set standards of love always end up living a miserable life that is totally devoid of love. 

Love Is All You Need for Life

Of course, you always have the right to choose whoever you want in your life. But not everyone carries the heart which is honest and selfless. And I can bet that people who wear their heart on sleeves will never let you down and will be a gem for life to you.

A selfless love is the precious love.

All I am saying to not get trapped in the definition of love and relationship developed over time and keep the so-called standards aside when it comes to relationship. Just face it, feel it, live it, and I am quite sure that this way you’ll never make a wrong choice and will feel very lucky to be in the relationship that’s worth to have. We should keep note of that as we go ahead in our journey of life, it’s the love and care which we need the most in every dimension of our life.

Being in a relationship is one of the greatest feelings and you’re very fortunate if you’re in any such thing. So don’t haste anything in a relationship; just give it a try, give it the time – it’ll bloom, it’ll flourish.

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