Be With Someone

Real love is all about actions and love is all you need.



When it comes to love, it has no words, no conditions, no standards and no definitions. Love demands nothing but someone who gives meaning to your life by just being the part of it. Remember, it’s not the person but the soul you fall in love with. So, instead of getting infatuated by someone’s appearance be with someone…

  1. Who loves you more than anyone else
  2. Who loves you unconditionally
  3. Who’s there for you all the time
  4. Who always supports you, motivates you, understands you and makes you smile
  5. Who shows concern for you
  6. Who can’t stand a day without talking you
  7. Who admires you the most
  8. Who appreciates you for whatever you do
  9. Who showers immense love on you
  10. Who cares for you
  11. Who puts you as their priority
  12. Who can see your dreams in your eyes
  13. Who listens to you all the time
  14. Who can’t imagine their life without you
  15. Who believes in you
  16. Who thinks of you as the best thing ever happened to them
  17. Who respects you & your parents
  18. Who knows how to make things work
  19. Who’s never ashamed of apologizing for what they’ve said or done to you
  20. Who values you as a person
  21. Who doesn’t demand or expect anything from you
  22. Who has sparks in their eyes when you’re happy & tears when you’re sad
  23. Who’s your best friend
  24. Who’s proud to have you in their life
  25. Who’s scared to lose you
  26. Who brings out the best in you
  27. Who makes you forget what it feels like to be sad
  28. Who constantly reminds you that you’re loved
  29. Who makes time to be with you no matter what time of day it is
  30. Who always wants to know how your day was
  31. Who embraces your goals & help you reach them
  32. Who makes you a better person
  33. Who understands how rare your love is
  34. Who’s willing to grow with you
  35. Who wants to make memories with you

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