Nothing Is Permanent: How Believing It Could Make Your Life Better

Living with the thought that whatever situation you’re in is going to be that way every day is something unpredictable.


“Nothing is permanent,” these three simple words are the essence of life, and if you’re sensible enough you’ll get to realize it every once in a while at different stages of your life. And what makes this phrase so meaningful that it is true in every situation be it your happy days or nostalgic ones.

Whenever we get trapped in a situation that troubles us, we start asking ourselves why did that happen to us? Our disbelief that what we possess, who we have in our life or what belong to us will be with us forever is nothing but a deadly illusion. Deadly in a way that it keeps us feeling drained, stressed, and confused of seeing the harsh reality of life once they’re gone.

Every living thing, be it us, plants or animals, and all visible creations that have shapes and forms, even our universe and its wonders are not permanent. The same goes with situations, either they will vanish or just change over time. No matter what’s going on in your life or whatever you’re facing, your best approach to deal with all this and being happy in all the circumstances should be to develop the thought of acceptance.

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