Food for Thought #19

Do not bother with the pace that others have set. There is always someone ahead of you or behind you. You work best when your clock is naturally in tune with your spirit. Do not be bothered by the race because you will always do what is best for you.


Food for Thought #18

Speak up if you've got a problem. It's important that you're able to accurately identify and voice areas in your life that aren't working. Go ahead and put your feelings on the line. Constructive change only happens when you're honest with yourself and others -- otherwise, the universe might take matters into its own hands, [...]

Food for Thought #17

When you become more conscious of your flaws or something else, you feel insecure about yourself. When you focus on finding wrong in yourself, you may find many things to feel insecure about. Then, when something doesn't work out, that time you spent dwelling on negative things about yourself can lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy [...]