I guess writing has been my passion since my childhood. This is something which always has fascinated me. Whenever I write something, it gives me the sense of satisfaction. Giving shapes to your thoughts and imagination is nothing but a craft.

I still remember the day when I have written my first ever short story which I showed to my father. When I finished the schools, I wrote a play too which we, including my siblings and cousins, used to perform. Unfortunately that passion was somewhere lost in between my college years and the day I got busy in my job. But that was certainly taking breath somewhere within me.

2015, the year when that passion ignited again from within, so much that I decided to pursue it further. Since then I have written poems, songs, quotes and motivational blogs. Though they are few in numbers but there’s a lot of flowing in my mind wriggling to come out. Now I have decided that writing is something I am skilled at and that I will continue it till the doomsday.

I love it, I live it…


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