Food for Thought #22

At times, you may have the sense that life is reeling out of your control. There might the feeling that you are not in charge of what you are doing or where you are going. But it is you who is making the choices and the decisions. You are the one in command. More possible, [...]


Food for Thought #21

There're times when it may seem like one problem pops up after another, but if you are patient with yourself and you don't let the stress get to you, you will find solutions for every challenge that you face. Keep in mind that this is due to bring you good fortune and recognition when you [...]

Food for Thought #17

When you become more conscious of your flaws or something else, you feel insecure about yourself. When you focus on finding wrong in yourself, you may find many things to feel insecure about. Then, when something doesn't work out, that time you spent dwelling on negative things about yourself can lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy [...]