How Would You Appreciate an Appreciation?

Appreciation and admiration are something which neither everyone gets nor everyone gives. Appreciation comes with hidden meanings and blessings. Those who get it always underestimate it. They think saying merely "thanks" is what makes them feel thankful and that they don't owe anything. Remember, saying "thanks" always is not enough, you always owe it. When [...]


How To Get Tons of Traffic From Quora

Writing is nothing but a passion, a way to convey your ideas and thoughts to the world, and a medium to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise on a range of topics before a certain audience. Most of the people do writing for themselves just because they like it to give shape to what flows in [...]

What Is Your Life Purpose & How To Know About It

We all have been given this very beautiful life with at least one special purpose to live for. There are people who have already found it but there are still a vast number of those who even don't know that their life do comes with a purpose and thus they wander throughout their life to [...]

Does Social Media Bring Us Together Or Isolate Us?

Social media, undoubtedly one of the best things ever happened to human society, can actually be correlated with social networking. Social networking can be established with those whom we are in touch in daily life be our neighborhood, workplace or friend circle whereas social media provides us the platform to do the same while being [...]

Why Is It Important To Maintain Gender Diversity At Workplace

Gender Diversity/Gender Equality is strongly correlated with the corporate culture and might add value to an organization by infusing a perfect blend of both men and women in the workplace. Nowadays, it has become important for an organization to focus on gender diversity as it will enhance productivity and lead to the growth of the [...]